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A meaningful martial arts experience for girls that builds confidence, discipline, and resilience.

Martial Arts & self defense

Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes for girls and teens, including our self defense curriculum.

Confidence & character

We prepare girls to succeed in the world by building discipline, resilience, assertiveness, and confidence. We help our students speak up for themselves, give their best effort, and overcome challenges. 


Every student is included, encouraged, and noticed. Our accomplished instructors are kind, energetic, and uplifting, and aim to make every student feel like a valued teammate on day one.

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Join a kickboxing or Brazilian jiu jitsu class, or both! Each includes our self defense curriculum—so whichever you choose, you learn all the best self defense moves one class at a time.


Kickboxing classes focus on striking and striking defense, and are high paced, dynamic, and uplifting!

brazilian jiu jitsu

Escaping bad positions and controlling good ones with leverage, technique, and understanding of the body!

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The most important safety tips for girls.

our story

The Girls Who Fight Film By Director Jennifer Roberts.

Girls Who Fight was founded by ex-MMA fighter Gemma Sheehan. As a rising athlete with a record of 5-1, a Pan Am gold in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and nominated for best up and coming female fighter internationally, Gemma was advised to stop fighting due to emerging visible brain damage. She then started Girls Who Fight Inc, building a leading self defense and martial arts program for females in Canada. Today, Stand Your Ground, Camp Hero, and Girls Who Fight bring self defense programs to different audiences, while employing local female athletes who share their incredible skills. Our overarching goal is to help women and girls gain mental and physical strength that will help them succeed in the world. 

​It's not about training girls to fight. It's about training them to be so capable, so confident, and so resilient, that they

never have to fight. 

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A Self Defense & Confidence Camp For Girls Age 8-14.



6 Roper Road (Warden & St. Clair)


33 Davisville Ave (Davisville & Yonge)


50 Torbay Road (HWY 404 & Steeles)

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