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A meaningful martial arts experience for girls that builds confidence, discipline, and resilience.

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Martial Arts & self defense

Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes for girls and teens. Girls learn a base martial art as well as our self defense curriculum in every class.

Confidence & character

Beyond martial arts, we prepare our girls to succeed in the world. We instil the values of discipline, resilience, assertiveness, and confidence. We help our students speak up for themselves, put themselves first, give their best effort, and overcome challenges. 


Our female instructors are selected as much for their kind, energetic, and uplifting personalities as they are for their excellent skills. At GWF, every girl is accepted, encouraged, and noticed. Our goal is to make every student feel like they are a valued member of the team on day one.

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Punching, kicking, sweating, high paced fun!

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jiu jitsu

Escaping bad positions and controlling good ones with leverage, technique, and understanding of the body. 


Throws, take downs, defense. Wrestling is part of some classes.

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self defense

Girls learn one self defense focused move in every GWF class (video from our women's self defense program).



Directed by Jennifer Roberts

"Since my daughter has been in the program I've noticed an increase in her physical fitness, self-confidence, and assertiveness. Classes are very engaging, combining a mixture of community building, self-defense, situational awareness, and decision making. Gemma's pleasant demeanour along with the group activities she organizes helps all the students feel welcome and provides opportunities to build quality friendships.This is phenomenal program. Priceless!"

"GWF IS AWESOME! It was my parents idea to send me, and I was confused why, I'm not very athletic. I finished the first class and had sooo much fun! I've been going every week since. Gemma is like a big sister to me. I know I can do anything I set my mind to as long as I work hard, and keep persisting. I wouldn't have learned that without GWF. And can we talk about how nice ALL the other girls are? Some of my best friends go to GWF. Everyone is encouraging and supportive. This really is a special place."

"From the second we walked through the door Gemma made us feel comfortable and welcome! Gemma has made a huge impact on my daughter and it is the one thing she looks the most forward to every week. The confidence and strength she encourages is second to none. Would 100% recommend Girls Who Fight for any young girl. Gemma and Felicia are the kind of role models our girls need!"

"Gemma is one of a kind. She surpassed our expectations of what we we were initially looking for: a self defence course for our daughter. Instead, GWF is really about empowering young women to stand up for themselves, be confident and push themselves to achieve their full potential through martial arts. I am always impressed with the quality of instructors and guest instructors Gemma brings in and the care and kindness shown to all her students. It is such a supportive environment."

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​It's not about training girls to fight. It's about training them to be so capable, so confident, and so resilient, that they never have to fight. 

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