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"It's not about training girls to fight, but to be so confident, capable, and resilient, that they never have to fight".

A meaningful martial arts experience for girls that builds confidence, resilience, and discipline, while giving them real self defense skills.

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing classes for girls and teens, taught by female martial artists. Every program includes our 30 move self defense curriculum which is completed over 6 months.


Our focus is building discipline, resilience, assertiveness, and confidence. Our girls learn to speak up, stand tall, take initiative, believe in themselves, and face challenges with courage and confidence.

girls self defense class toronto

community & team

Our students state their new friendships and bonds with coaches, and their sense of belonging and value to the team as one of the things they love most about coming to GWF. 

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What Parents Are Saying

"After three months of GWF classes, our daughter's confidence has soared."

Check out our 75+ FIVE STAR reviews on Google.

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A Self Defense & Confidence Camp For Girls Age 8-14.


Girls Who Fight Film 


Directed by Jennifer Roberts.

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The most important safety tips for girls.

Our goal is two fold: give girls the skills needed to defend and stand up for themselves physically and verbally; and the confidence and resilience needed to succeed at whatever they do.

girls self defense class toronto

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