Learn self-defense basics with experienced female MMA fighters

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November 24th: Davisville (max 20 people)

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2 hours and 15 minutes. Times differ, please check registration page for exact times of upcoming courses. 

What We Learn

We  cover the basic self-defense techniques from standing, to being grabbed, to being on the ground. ​We learn techniques from kickboxing, wrestling, and Brazilian jiu jitsu with our highly experienced female instructors.


1. How to keep a stance with hands up and proper balance

2. How to move and create distance from someone

3. How to escape single and double hand wrist grabs

4. How to escape waist grabs

5. How to defend basic strikes

6. How to escape dangerous positions on the ground


Our workshops rotate locations every month.

Scarborough: 6 Roper Road

Davisville: 33 Davisville Ave

Markham: 50 Torbay Road


$45 + HST per person

On special occasions we offer $25 workshops. To be alerted about these, leave your email at the bottom of the page. 


This workshop is for women ages 12+.

Anyone under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. 


"Did a self defence workshop today. It was practical and easy to follow. Gemma is amazingly patient and funny too. She has a way of putting the participants at ease. I really liked the confidence of her student helpers, Mila and Sophie. The overall atmosphere is positive, respectful and motivating. Would love to join their monthly program for adult females."


"Really enjoyed her adults workshop. Postures were comfortable for beginners and class was accessible to all levels of fitness. The environment was strictly female and very welcoming. I highly recommend trying Girls who fight out if you are considering a self defense class."


"A friend and I took the 2 hour self defence class together and it was a lot of fun and very informative. Gemma is a sweetheart, very patient and caring with her students. She is knowledgeable about her craft as she has been doing martial arts for more than 10 years and her priority is to make sure girls and women leave her classes having gained confidence in themselves and their ability to be better prepared to defend themselves. Girls who fight is definitely the way to go whether it's for you or your kids!"


"My teen age daughter was very apprehensive about going to the self defense Teen Workshop, in the end she did in fact have a great time and enjoyed the class. Gemma was able to get the best out of her and teach her some great skills."


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Scarborough: 6 Roper Road (The Academy)

Davisville: 33 Davisville Ave (Striation 6 Gym)

Markham: 50 Torbay Road (Fight Fit Bootcamps)

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