A Self Defense & Confidence Camp For Girls Age 8-14.



Mia C.

"Words can't describe how awesome this camp was for our daughter. After the first day and every afternoon when we picked her up she kept asking if we could enroll her in more classes. I'd highly recommend this camp to anyone interested in giving their daughter a bit of a boost in their confidence if needed, teaching them discipline, movement/coordination, athleticism, mindfulness and body awareness."

Barbara L.

"GWF teaches very much needed set of skills as important as writing and reading. This does not compare to any courses I took in the past! My daughter completed a week long summer camp and came back each day to show us what was taught. I can whisper cues such as "confidence" when we walk in crowds and my daughter immediately stands tall and owns her space."

Mike P.

Emma P.

"I have only praise for Girls Who Fight! My 12 year old daughter came away with basic self-defense skills, but more importantly, she came away with confidence, pride, self-awareness and friendships. The instructor, Gemma is a natural teacher and mentor for the young girls there. She leads them with positivity, laughter, and knowledge, while pushing them to work hard."

"Girls Who Fight is teaching kids the most important skills - self defense, personal strength, self confidence - and Gemma does it with absolute care, compassion and genuine interest in helping the girls improve. I saw Gemma working the girls hard and imparting a massive amount of skill and knowledge, but also having tons of fun and laughs. I saw a moment where my daughter's friend was struggling with some of the moves... but Gemma sat with her and gave what was clearly her full, undivided attention and encouragement, until the kid was back on the mat, laughing and learning. I recommend Girls Who Fight to absolutely everyone."

A meaningful camp experience that helps girls become confident, capable, and resilient. Our girls speak up, stand tall, and are better prepared to win the day. 


2020 Camp Dates


We give your daughter the confidence she needs to stand up for herself, try new things, and believe that she can accomplish and overcome anything.


Meet the incredible martial artists who lead our camps!

Gemma / MMA

Gemma has 11 years of experience training and competing in kickboxing, wrestling, and Brazilian jiu jitsu. Gemma leads with laughter and a fun spirit, while encouraging discipline and respect.

Felicia / Jiu Jitsu

While undergoing law school Felicia entered the BJJ competition scene and has earned provincial, national, international and Pan-American titles. Felicia's positive and encouraging spirit is contagious to everyone around her on and off the mats.

Ashley / Kickboxing

Ashley has been training Muay Thai for 7 years, and has competed in Canada, the United States, and in Thai Land. Ashley's warm and inviting personality encourages everyone to have more fun.

Alex / wrestling

A 2x national champion, a rising star on the Canadian national team, and one of York Universities Varsity wrestling coaches. Alex brings an incredible message about grit, self-belief, and determination to our students.

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