All girls, ages 8-14, in Scarborough, Markham, and Davisville!

Our camps have a 20 student maximum and 3 experienced instructors. Girls learn a mix of kickboxing, wrestling, and Brazilian jiu jitsu, and focus on techniques that are practical for self defense situations. We also teach our girls how to speak assertively, present themselves confidently, and how to be aware of their surroundings. We build physical co-ordination and athleticism, and instill the qualities of self-discipline, persistence, and mental toughness. We aim to help girls take on the world. 

winter camp registration is now open!

33 Davisville Ave

December 27th & 30th

9:30 am - 3 pm

Age 8-14


50 Torbay Road

January 2nd & 3rd

10 am - 3:30 pm

Age 8-14


self-defense & mixed martial arts


On the feet

How to defend strikes like punches, knees, and kicks, as well as how to perform them. How to maintain a strong and balanced stance. How to move and create distance from someone while maintaining balance and protection.


When in contact

How to defend being grabbed by the wrist, waist and neck. How to defend take downs, and defend being picked up. How to use effective take downs like a double leg, basic trips, and judo throws. How to maintain balance and stay on your feet. 


On the ground

How to escape dangerous positions on the ground, and how to establish and control dominant positions. How to use submissions for self-defense.  

safety & character building


Stand up for yourself

We teach girls how to use their voices and body language to present themselves confidently. This allows girls to assert their boundaries, stand up for themselves, and avoid being targeted or bullied. Learn to walk and talk with authority and assertiveness!  


Street safety

We discuss situational awareness and street safety. This includes things like how to be aware of your surroundings, how to pick up on important cues, and how to avoid potential danger. One of the biggest lessons is simply, "put down the phone". Girls need to realize that being plugged in makes them a much easier target.​  


Coordination, healthy body image, exercise

We build our students athletic ability by teaching them about balance, coordination, power, and control. Martial arts are a great way to get active while learning something important! We also aim to improve our students body image by showing them how much their bodies are capable of. 


Meet our coaching team, including MMA fighter Gemma Sheehan, Muay Thai fighter Ashley Hazel, and Jiu Jitsu Competitor Felicia Marceau.



6 Roper Road

Warden & St.Clair


33 Davisville Avenue

Striation 6 Gym

Lower level - the entrance to the gym is on the left of the building under the red Striation 6 sign.


50 Torbay Road

Fight Fit Bootcamps


"There aren't enough words to describe how awesome this camp was for our daughter. After the first day and every afternoon when we picked her up she kept asking if we could enroll her in more classes. I'd highly recommend this camp to anyone interested in giving their daughter a bit of a boost in their confidence if needed, teaching them discipline, movement/coordination, athleticism, mindfulness and body awareness."

Mia, march break camp 2019

"My daughter participated in GWF's two day winter camp and had an amazing time! I had enrolled her initially because I liked the idea of her learning some self defence skills but I confess that my daughter was not overly enthusiastic about attending. Her attitude changed basically as soon as she met Gemma. Gemma's passion, enthusiasm and dedication to her students is apparent upon meeting her and her positive attitude is contagious. My daughter had a wonderful time and learned a great deal in a short period. She will be back to attend Gemma's weekly class."

Renee, winter camp 2018

"I have only praise for Girls Who Fight! My 12 year old daughter did a one week camp this summer, and she is already planning her next camp week there. She came away with basic self-defense skills, but more importantly, she came away with confidence, pride, self-awareness and friendships. The instructor, Gemma is a natural teacher and mentor for the young girls there. She leads them with positivity, laughter, and knowledge, while pushing them to work hard."

Emma, summer camp 2018

"I am SO impressed with Gemma and Girls Who Fight. She is teaching kids the most important skills - self defense, personal strength, self confidence - and she does it with absolute care and compassion and genuine interest in helping the girls improve. My 9-year old daughter did a camp and absolutely loved it. I watched some of the classes and saw Gemma working the girls hard and imparting a massive amount of skill and knowledge, but also having tons of fun and laughs. I also saw a moment where my daughter's friend was having a rough moment, struggling with some of the techniques and not wanting to continue...but Gemma went and sat with her and gave what was clearly her full, undivided attention and encouragement, until the kid was back on the mat, laughing and learning. It was really amazing to see. I can't say enough great things about Gemma and what she's doing for girls, and would recommend Girls Who Fight to absolutely everyone."

Mike, summer camp 2018

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Scarborough: 6 Roper Road (The Academy)

Davisville: 33 Davisville Ave (Striation 6 Gym)

Markham: 50 Torbay Road (Fight Fit Bootcamps)

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