camp courage

A self defense & confidence camp for girls age 8-14.

We provide a personal and meaningful camp experience, with a goal to help every student become more confident, capable, and resilient. At the end of camp girls are better equipped to find their way in the world, standing taller, speaking more assertively, and prepared to defend and stand up for themselves when necessary. We promote the values of courage, discipline, and perseverance, and we lead with laughter, strength, and positivity.



self defense

assertiveness & anti bullying

Assertiveness is about standing up for yourself and speaking your mind confidently. It means being able to ask for what you want, say no when you mean no, and yes when you mean yes. Confident body language is about presenting yourself in a way that projects self assurance instead of vulnerability. Many girls struggle with speaking up and standing tall, especially when faced with an uncomfortable situation. The problem is that these two elements play a huge role in self defense, and in leading a successful and happy life. They're not just important for walking down dark streets, but for the classroom and the boardroom. We believe the first step in preparing girls for bullies, unsafe situations, and personal and professional advancement, starts with teaching them how to advocate for themselves effectively. We do this through a series of fun exercises that get girls to practice walking straight and speaking with power.

"My daughter would get upset when I said that to walk hunched and with arms crossed is a sign of weakness.  Now all I say 'Walk with confidence how Gemma showed you,' and she stands tall and strong."  -Barbara

practical self defense

We believe that when a girl learns how to defend herself, she gains a degree of confidence that makes her unlikely to ever have to defend herself. Our camps teach a curriculum of defensive techniques from Brazilian jiu jitsu, wrestling, and kickboxing. Moves include how to keep a stance, how to create distance, how to defend punches and grabs, how to use throws, and how to escape various ground positions. Our instructors are highly experienced competitive martial artists, and teach from a place of fun and encouragement. Our girls gain powerful self defense skills while improving their body awareness, gaining mental and physical strength, learning about healthy competition, all while having fun with new friends.

"We couldn't be happier with how much our daughter learned in just one week. She learned to physically defend herself, but also to stand strong, say no, and walk with confidence. We have seen a total change in how our daughter speaks and walks, she sees herself in a new light as someone strong and capable."  - Evan

street & online safety

Situational awareness is the act of being aware of whats happening around you. The biggest thing blocking girls from achieving this is their cell phone. We teach girls the importance of being vigilant and letting their senses do their thing. What's more common to our girls is the threats they face online. Bullying, unsolicited messages, oversharing personal information, and the personal consequences of social media addiction, which has been shown to disproportionately affect the mental health of teen girls. We give girls information about using social media safely, and how to be more safe in public.

Several parents reach out to us to share that their daughters have started to put their phone away and take their ear buds out when walking home, and that they are more careful what they decide to share with the world on snapchat or Instagram.

"Words can't describe how awesome this camp was for our daughter. After the first day and every afternoon when we picked her up she kept asking if we could enroll her in more classes. I'd highly recommend this camp to anyone interested in giving their daughter a bit of a boost in their confidence if needed, teaching them discipline, movement/coordination, athleticism, mindfulness and body awareness."


— Mia

beginner self defense camps

Age 8-14  |  $365 until March 1st

An introduction to self-defense and  assertiveness through a fun confidence building camp experience. Days include self defense sessions, discussion sessions, and fun team building games.

Our Goal: Give girls the physical and mental skills needed to defend and stand up for themselves, improve confidence, and inspire them to learn more.

advanced mma camp

Age 10-16  |  $375 until March 1st

For GWF students or ex-campers who want to challenge themselves to advance their MMA skills. Days include two focused and advanced martial arts sessions with guest instructors, one conditioning session, and creative games and exercises designed to build team spirit.

Our Goal: Take students MMA and athletic skills to the next level, foster friendships among students and coaches.

2020 Camp Dates

Our Locations

Camp Courage is hosted by our trusted martial arts gym partners. Each location is professionally run, cleaned, safe, and equipped with all necessary facilities and equippment.






Gemma has 11 years of experience training and competing in the sports of kickboxing, wrestling, and Brazilian jiu jitsu. In her last active year of fighting she was ranked the #1 female MMA fighter in Ontario, and nominated for the best amateur female fighter worldwide. She achieved a record of 5-1, with 4 wins in the first round, and is a Pan Am Champion in Brazilian jiu jitsu. Gemma leads with laughter and a fun spirit, while encouraging discipline and respect. To read about why Gemma left her MMA career to start this company, click here.

Gemma is a head camp coach.

felicia marceau

Felicia is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athlete and competitor from Sudbury. While undergoing law school Felicia entered the BJJ competition scene and has not stopped since! She has now earned provincial, national, international and Pan-American titles. Felicia's positive and encouraging spirit is contagious to everyone around her on and off the mats.

Felicia is a head camp coach.

ashley hazel

Ashley is a muay thai fighter from Toronto. She has been training in the sport for 7 years, and has competed in Canada, the United States, and in Thai Land. Ashley is in love with the sport and the art, and all of the internal benefits that martial arts training builds. Outside of the ring, Ashley is a singer, a clothing designer & business owner, and a big sister with the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.

Ashley is a guest camp coach.

alexandria town

Alex started wrestling at the age of 16. Now at the age of 24, she is a 2x national champion and a rising star on the Canadian national team having won Canada’s first ever U23 World Championship gold. Alex graduated from York university with a degree in Kinesiology and is now an assistant coach to the York varsity wrestling team. Off the mats she is a talented musician and artist.  Alex brings an incredible message about grit, self-belief, and determination to our students and team. 

Alex is a guest camp coach.

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