girls self defense and confidence camp toronto


A self defense and confidence camp for girls ages 8-16.

Striking Defense

Learn how to keep a strong stance, create distance from an attacker, defend strikes, and use knees, elbows, punches, and kicks!

Grab Defense

Learn how to defend being pushed and pulled, wrist grabs, waist grabs, front chokes, ankles drags, and more.

Ground Defense

Learn how to control ground positions, escape pins & holds​, defend punches from the ground, fall down and stand up safely, and take down an opponent from standing or on your back.


Street safety principles like situational awareness, avoiding dangerous environments, presenting a confident self, and how to respond to a threat. 

girls self defense and confidence summer camp toronto

be your own hero.

Improve Athleticism


Martial arts set kids on a path of healthy living, getting them in the habit of regular exercise and improving their cardio and strength.

Body Image

Martial arts helps girls see their body in terms of what it can do, instead of what it looks like.


Martial arts help girls develop balance, body awareness, co-ordination, and flexibility.


effective techniques

meaningful coaching


Learn the most effective street-proof techniques from the sports of mixed martial arts including Brazilian jiu jitsu, kickboxing, and wrestling.

Our experienced instructors lead with enthusiasm, positivity, and laughter! Each camp day is as much fun as it is valuable.

We strive to make every student feel like an important member of the team from day one. Great friendships are built here!

Check out our 80+ FIVE STAR reviews on Google.

Beginner & Intermediate Camps

Beginner Camps

For girls with little to no martial arts experience- learning defense techniques and movements from square one as a team.

Intermediate Camps

For Girls Who Fight students, girls who have completed a beginner camp, or girls who have at least 2 months of BJJ or Kickboxing experience.


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