Can Beginners Join? How Will They Catch Up?

99.9% of girls join our program with zero previous martial arts experience. Many girls join who have little athletic experience as well. Girls can jump in and pick up their learning at any point. In every class we review old skills and learn new ones, and every month the students gain new skillsets. We always switch up partners, often pairing more experienced girls with beginners during technique sessions to jumpstart their learning and to help them make friends. New girls are joining class all the time, no beginners are alone! 

What is The Class Structure?

Every class begins with a 10 minute warm up where girls learn and practice fundamental movements.


Kickboxing: After the warm up, we practice movement drills to help the girls learn about range and distance, stance, and movement. We then have a 20-30 minute technique session where girls learn how to use their tools properly: punches, kicks, knees, elbows. We often end class with defense drills where girls learn and practice their defensive movements and blocks/parrys, followed by some conditioning like an ab circuit.

Jiu Jitsu: After the warm up, we have a 20-30 minute technique session where girls review and learn new skills, followed by some movement drills or learning games. We finish class with a 15 minute rolling session, where girls get to test and use their skills with different partners. We have many games that keep the learning and practicing fun and exciting.

At the end of each class, girls line up, bow, and high five the line.



Do You Have a Referral Program?

Yes! When someone who you referred signs up, you receive a free GWF merch item of your choice of $50 value or less. Once you've brought in three friends who completed a free trial, you will get 1 month free of GWF classes (to be added at the end of your current membership). To let us know about your friends who have signed up or done a free trial, please email us noting their names!

What If I Miss a Class?

Each membership comes with one class a week, except for the unlimited memberships which grant access to all our classes/locations. If you have to miss a class, you are welcome to participate at a different location within that month. However, there are no refunds and no ability to accumulate missed classes to complete at the end of your membership.  Members have one month to use their missed class at a different location. In terms of missing content, you will be able to catch up the next week in the review session, don't worry about being 'behind'!

Is There a Uniform, What Do We Wear?

Every membership purchase comes with a free T-shirt which is made for training. However, you do not have to wear your t-shirt—as long as you wear athletic clothing that you are comfortable moving in. We also sell sweaters and other apparel items. Heres what NOT to wear:

-baggy clothes (will easily get fingers and toes caught)


-socks or shoes

-long nails

How Long Will It Take For My Daughter To Be Good At Self Defense?

Self defense and martial arts are like anything, they take practice and repetition to be effective. The longer that a student practices the art the better prepared they will be. It takes 20 classes to learn the full self defense curriculum, which is about 6 months. We recommend that students stay in the program at least long enough to finish this. Along with their self defense techniques, it takes about six months for someone to feel like they really understand the basic concepts, movements, and techniques of any martial art. For this reason, you might consider the six month membership option.

What Do We Receive Upon Sign Up?

Once you sign up, the first thing you will get is a huge welcome to our team! Every student gets a free training shirt, plus the following:

1. GWF Code: outlines our expectations for respectful behaviour, safe practices, discipline and effort, assertiveness, and teamwork. 

2. Program curriculum: where girls will be able to see what they will learn in the upcoming classes, catalogue their learned skills, see their progress, and receive milestones for achievements. 

3. GirlSafe Education: material on staying safe in public, online, and more.

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