Gemma went on national radio to talk about what it was like leaving the sport of MMA due to head trauma. This was so exciting, but also nerve wracking! First live national radio interview!

To listen, click here

Gemma Sheehan Live Broadcast on newsTalk1010

Gemma was featured in Toronto Life memoirs section, where she talks about her journey through MMA, quiting due to concussions, and starting Girls Who Fight. 

To read, click here

Gemma Sheehan in Toronto Life Magazine!

Gemma was interviewed for an article by MMA Chronicles to give insight on the topic of kids in mixed martial arts. 

To read, click here

Interview for MMA Chronicles Article

We were featured in the Sunday paper! The Toronto Sun also filmed a great 2 minute video for their online article which can be found at the link below, and features all of our amazing students in the Saturday teen class in Scarborough!

To watch the video, click here

GWF featured in Toronto Sun Sunday Paper !

I was so happy to see that Bell released their feature of me on the show Warrior Women online! This episode covers what my training was like while I was pursuing MMA, and was filmed in the spring of 2016. It is so cool to look back on this and remember how crazy my training camps were!

To watch the video, click here

Bell Fibe TV releases a doc about Gemma Sheehan!

Thank you to SHSM for inviting me to speak on this panel with other movers and shakers in sports! It was a pleasure to share my journey and perspective with you all!

Gemma Sheehan Joins TDSB Panel for Sports & Entrepreneurship

What an amazing surprise! We knew we were going to be in the paper, but we didn't know it would make the front page! The girls were so happy to see themselves recognized for their incredible hard work and dedication. Congratulations team!

To read the story, click here

GWF made the front page of The Scarborough Mirror!

We are thrilled to welcome our first team member! Danika will be assisting in behind the scenes managing, long term strategizing, and all things operational! We are so happy to have her amazing brain and kind heart involved in our mission!

To learn more about Danika click here

GWF welcomes Danika Smith, Director of Operations!

I was honored to be featured in a Women of Influence article to talk about my life in MMA, starting a business, and working with girls. 

To read the article, click here

Gemma Sheehan featured in Women of Influence Article!

I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to be featured on a podcast for International Women's Day! We talked MMA, how I teach self-defense, and what I have noticed from working with so many girls: a problematic lack of assertiveness. 

To listen to the podcast, click here.

Gemma Sheehan on the Big Story Podcast for Rogers

We are so thrilled to partner with African Impact & The Girl Impact, a non-profit organization in Africa, to bring self-defense courses to their groups. We could not make this volunteer mission happen without your coordination and support, and we thank you so much!

GWF Partners with International Organization African Impact to bring self-defense workshops to Cape Town

I got to speak to Micah from the After The Bell Rings Podcast about youth these days, the struggles they face, and my approach to helping girls build confidence, assertiveness, and practical skills. 

To listen, click here!

Gemma Sheehan on "After The Bell Rings" Podcast

This was the most exciting day- I was featured on Global News in a 3 minute story about my MMA career, Girls Who Fight, and what I will be doing in South Africa! 

To watch the video, click here.

Gemma Sheehan on Global News: MMA, Self-defense, and South Africa Mission!

I was selected to be a presenter at G Day Toronto, an event to help welcome pre-teen girls into adolescence! I had so much fun showing some simple moves :)

To learn more about G Day, click here.

Honored to be a Presenter at G-Day !

I had the magnificent opportunity to speak to the Rotary Club of Toronto about my journey and my work with girls. They were super interested in my discussion about assertiveness, why it matters, and how girls can build it. Thank you so much for this amazing experience!

GWF Presents at The Rotary Club of Toronto

Thank you to SEIU Health Care for valuing self-defense training for employees! Arming yourself with a couple effective moves does so much more than better prepare you for a conflict, it gives you confidence. I had so much fun teaching this massive group of professionals who were not at all shy to get down to the good moves from the start!

GWF First Corporate Workshop for SEIU Health Care Conference!

I had the pleasure of working with 3 TDSB schools for a period of 8 weeks, focusing on schools with a large amount of new comers. We effectively taught over 300 students how to defend themselves from standing, being grabbed, and from the ground. I will miss you all!

GWF Provides 8 Weeks of Self-Defense Courses to Newcomers at Toronto High Schools

I had the opportunity to chat with the CEO of one of our sponsors for the South Africa trip! To read about my journey through MMA, brain trauma, starting a company, and then to travelling to South Africa, click here.

GWF featured in blog about Toronto entrepreneurs!

We are so happy to see U of T take student safety seriously and bring us in to lead a self-defense workshop fro their frosh week! We had a beautiful day in the shade learning basic escapes and reverses from various positions. Can't wait for next year! 

University of Toronto x Girls Who Fight

I had the opportunity to give a workshop to the students of my coding boot camp iXperience in Cape Town! It was such a joy to work with my friends and the instructors of our classes!

Gemma Sheehan leads self-defense workshops for fellow students at a coding boot camp in Cape Town

A huge thank you to all the local sponsors who supported our trip to South Africa! We could not have done it without your support! A million thank yous to:

Lux Dental Group

Ikiro Apparel

Under the Gi Apparel

BrokerForce Insurance

Le Jits Custom Art

Local Sponsors Help Raise Money for Our Volunteer Trip to South Africa

What an excellent 3 weeks with this girls school in midtown Toronto! Thank you for bringing us on board!

GWF Provides Workshops for St.Clements Private Shool

We had so much fun teaching a series of workshops for the Toronto Power Walkers! Self-defense is for everyone, and everyone can learn something super valuable while having a surprisingly fun time!

GWF Provides Workshops for Toronto Power Walkers!

I could not be more thankful for each of these highly respected black belts coming together to put on a seminar to help us raise money for our South Africa volunteer trip. A shout out to Bruckmann MMA in Oshawa for hosting, to Gringo Jiu Jitsu and Troop MMA for teaching, and to everyone else who came and supported!

Toronto's Best Black Belts Put on a Seminar to Help Fundraise For Our South Africa Trip

Round 2 with Glendon College! We believe self-defense workshops are a perfect fit for frosh week activities- it's active, you meet people, and you learn something super invaluable! Thank you to the GCSU for taking self-defense and student safety seriously! 

GWF Workshop With Glendon College! Self-Defense for Frosh Week!

I had the time of my life visiting the Rotary Club of Cobourg, meeting some amazing and helpful people, and sharing my story and my work. They were particularly interested in my experiences in South Africa. Thank you so much for inviting me!

Gemma Sheehan Presents at The Cobourg Rotary Club

Thanks for the invite Ajax Rotary Club! I had a blast meeting you all and discussing what I have learned along my journey through MMA and teaching self-defense. I really appreciate the support and warm welcome!

Gemma Sheehan Presents at The Ajax Rotary Club

We had the amazing opportunity to bring a self-defense workshop to the non-profit organization Big Brothers Big Sisters! We had been working on this for a while, and are really excited about forming an official partnership to connect their kids to self-defense training!

GWF x Big Brothers Big Sisters 

Thank you so much to St.Agatha for organizing such a great after school program for your girls! We did one for kids and one for teens, moms included! Mom & daughter workshops are so much fun!

GWF starts after school programs with the TCDSB

Girl Guides are our favorite! We started doing these in the spring of 2018, and one year later we have now lead over 10 workshops! 

For more info on our girl guides workshops, click here!

We've lead more than 10 girl guides sessions now! 

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