PA DAY Camps

One day girls camps that include intensive basics self-defense from mixed martial arts, general safety lessons, and confidence building!

Girls age 8-14


TDSB (June 7) : Scarborough

York Region: (June 3) : Markham **booked

*if you would like to arrange a PA Day camp for your group, please contact us!

Effective self-defense techniques from standing, being grabbed, and from the ground.

Self-Defense Basics

How to speak assertively and walk confidently. Very important for avoiding being targeted by bullies and criminals.


How to be aware of your surroundings and stay safe in public- and why this is so important.

Situational Awareness


Physical Techniques


  1. On the feet/ striking

  • Stance

  • Movement

  • Creating distance from someone and keeping them in front of you

  • Punching technique

  • Punch defense: parrys and head block


   2. Being Grabbed/ wrestling:

  • Wrist grab defense: one hand and two hand grabs

  • Waist grab defense


   3. On the ground/ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

  • Break fall and technical stand up

  • Mount position bottom: 2 mount escapes, from being pinned and punched.

  • Mount position top: maintain control, and basic submissions

  • Side Control: escape from the bottom, how to maintain top side control

  • Guard position bottom: how to escape/reverse position


These are the main positions someone would be in if they were in a fight or attacked, and they were on the ground with someone on top of them. We learn effective escapes for them all, and also how to maintain a controlled dominant position.


Non-Physical Safety Information


  1. Situational Awareness

  • Being alert while navigating the world

  • Picking up on behavioural ques

  • The importance of finding exits


   2. Using Your Voice: How To Be Assertive

  • Speaking in an assertive voice: how to do it

  • When and why it is important

  • Practicing assertive voices


   3. Presenting Yourself: How To Walk Confidently

  • How to have confident body language

  • Why this is important for self defense and life success

  • Practicing walking with confident body language and posture: shoulders back, head up, walking at a slightly faster pace, no fidgeting, covering, or cowering.

General Camp Info  

Time: 9 AM - 3:00 PM  

*early pick up and drop off is available : the cost is $15 per hour 

Age: 8-14 years old   

[we separate girls aged 8-10 and girls aged 11-14 during practice]

Lunch: not included, students must bring their own lunch, snacks, and water.

Attire: wear comfortable, athletic clothing


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Toronto, ON

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Scarborough: 6 Roper Road (The Academy)

Davisville: 33 Davisville Ave (Striation 6 Gym)

Markham: 50 Torbay Road (Fight Fit Bootcamps)

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