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Family Quarantine Activities: Skill & Character Development Edition

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

This is part of our Girls Who Fight COVID-19 Activity Series. We created this collection to share educational games that teach kids about safety, confidence, and character. We truly hope you enjoy and learn some valuable lessons along the way!


Family Gratitude Chart

The Purpose: Practicing gratitude has become more popular in the media, but it is something that wise people have done since way back. I might argue that gratitude seems more important these days. Our technology lets us have anything we desire delivered to our door at the click of a button. Our systems allow us to have a constant flow of hot water, lights, air conditioning, and garbage removal. Our medicine has developed cures and remedies and vaccines for most common ailments. Our basic needs and most of our frivolous wants are provided instantly, preventing us from the stress and adversity our ancestors faced to acquire much less. Did you know that if you make more than $32,000 you are officially in the top 1% of earners on a world scale? My point is, it can be difficult for kids to realize how wonderful it is that all of this works, and many kids (and adults) will have a melt down if there is so much as a slow internet connection. Being grateful for the things that matter most is a gift that can help get one through more difficult times, and change someone’s mind set from ‘poor me’ to ‘wow, I’m so lucky’. My dad has this saying ‘What’s one thing all lucky people have in common? They all believe they’re lucky’. I hope this exercise will help the whole family find joy and appreciation in the little things!

The Game: Make a chart where every family member can write 1-3 things that they're grateful for each day. It can also be an independent project, where you make yourself your own gratitude journal that you write something in every day.

My gratitude journal - I admit I didn't make the booklet- but I do enjoy documenting my gratitude!

Methods: This game will take some crafting skills to put together a booklet, but it can be done! It will be great to look back to see what you were grateful for during the tough time of Corona Virus 20 years from now.

Quarantine Goal Setting List

The Purpose: A huge part of self development and goal achievement is setting goals and defining a plan.“If you fail to plan, plan to fail”. It is great to learn these habits young, so children are better equipped to take on challenges in their lives without feeling overwhelmed or defeated before they even try.

The Game: Make a chart with bristol board for daily milestones. Choose three objectives that you want to accomplish over the quarantine. Each goal should have daily requirements. Every day that it is completed, you get a star. The whole family should participate so kids have role models, and see that even if you miss a day, you don’t just give up, you pick it up the following day.

My family example. An orange star means you did double the goal time!

Methods: After the quarantine the family can do this on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis!

Career Chart

The Purpose: There are so many options for kids these days. Sometimes an abundance of options leads to inaction and indecision. Many kids have an idea about what they want to be because of what they see in glamorous movies. But as we know, just like everything in life, each choice has both pros and cons. This activity will not only help kids learn to weigh the factors of career options, but become better at seeing the whole picture of many things. When you learn to assess options fully, you make better decisions. Furthermore where career is related, this game will help kids learn things they didn’t know. For instance, maybe they thought about a lawyer, but didn’t realize it requires 7 years of schooling and 50+ hour work weeks. They will learn about what kind of lifestyle they want, and think about jobs that better suit them. This will be a good exercise for both kids and teens.

activities for kids to do during covid19
My example career chart. The more I wrote, the more categories came to mind!

The Game: Get kids to choose 3-5 jobs they think they might like. Have them research different aspects of the job to determine how well it fits with their personality and values. Examples of columns they can fill out:

  1. education needed

  2. salary

  3. benefits of the job

  4. cons of the job

  5. qualities that are necessary for the job

  6. time spent at work

Methods: You can do it as a simple exercise, or to add a bigger challenge, you can have the kids present their findings to the family! This will also help their public speaking and confident presentation skills!

Favorite Things Challenge

The Purpose: To give family members an educational task during the day. To learn more about the world. To share findings as a family at the table. To improve presentation skills.

The Game: There are several categories. Each day has a different category and each night at dinner, one category is brought up. Everyone around the table has to report on what they learned about their favorite thing in that category. Categories can include: favorite animal, sport, singer, movie, book, friend, game, activity, art, city, landscape, invention, entrepreneur, movement, etc. It will be a good way for kids to learn about different subjects that the whole family can have conversations about, while identifying different interests.

Methods: This can take place in a casual conversation over dinner, or you can make it more elaborate with a full presentation, and even slides or posters if you want to!

Interest Map

The Purpose: Kids can learn a lot about themselves and what they might like to do when they observe their interests.

The Game: Start with writing down a few of your biggest interests. Sports, animals, video games, helping others, science, language- whatever truly makes you happy. Then begin thinking of different ways you could use that interest as a job. Try to notice if there are patterns- do you like working from home? Do you like working with things or people? Do you like using more of your mind or your body? Also take note of any crossovers, jobs that can include a few of the interests together.

activities for kids during covid 19
Phase 1 of my interest map. From here I will add more interests and find similarities!

Methods: Break out the poster board and markers and get thinking!

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