the program

We run kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu programs for girls in different Toronto neighbourhoods. Each program runs one class per week. Students may sign up for an unlimited membership to do classes in all our locations with different instructors.

Girls: age 8-12 / Teens: age 13-18



Teen Jiu Jitsu: 5:30-6:30

Girls Jiu Jitsu: 6:30-7:30



Girls Jiu Jitsu: 2-3

Teen Jiu Jitsu: 3-4:30



Girls Kickboxing: 1-2

Teen Kickboxing: 2-3

the content (The PROCESS)

Our goal is two fold: to give girls the skills needed to defend and stand up for themselves physically and verbally; and the confidence and resilience needed to succeed at whatever they do. Here's how we do that.

Martial Arts


Girls start by choosing a base program: Kickboxing or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This gives girls a focus that they can develop and excel at- and both arts are optimal for self defense and character development. Each month girls hone different tools by learning a new curriculum of moves from different positions.

Self Defense


In addition to specializing in your martial art of choice, every student learns our self defense curriculum. Girls learn one self defense move per class, including moves from standing, to being grabbed/punched, to defense on the ground. This way, as girls are advancing in their martial art, they are also learning the most important self defense techniques to the most common attacks.

Confidence & Character


Martial arts are second to none in their ability to build confidence, discipline, resilience, assertiveness, and mental strength. When girls learn martial arts, they realize they are capable of things they never thought they could do. We take this further by instilling the values of assertiveness, taking initiative, presenting yourself confidently, giving your best effort, and respect for coaches and teammates. Girls receive a student agreement which lays out our behavioural expectations, and we often have group discussions on these topics.


the experience

Girls often come for the self defense and confidence, but stay for the community and fun. It is a huge priority for us that each girl has a blast and leaves feeling like a valued teammate on day one. We also hold our students to high standards of behaviour, effort, and discipline- and what we find is that girls are thrilled to face the challenge and rise to meet expectations. This is why Girls Who Fight is so transformative for so many students- you're going to have fun, gain life changing skills, be challenged and encouraged, and learn that you are capable of anything you set your mind to. 

student of the month

Awarded in each class to a student who shows great effort, discipline, and teamwork! Girls win a professional highlight reel video of their awesome new skills!

curriculum tracking

Girls receive a monthly curriculum where they track progress, catalogue skills, and receive milestones for skills developed.

Milestone merch

Every six months in the program is rewarded with a new piece of GWF merch that symbolizes students commitment and hard work.

Hear it from the members:

We recently did an anonymous survey to get feedback from our members,

here's some responses:

Question to the parents:

In what ways do you think our classes have made an impact in your daughters life?

  • She is learning capability and confidence in a happy, supportive environment with her peers and with role models who both expect a lot of her and encourage her.

  • She is more confident. when we talk about "what would you do if" scenarios, she seems un-intimidated and says things like "I'd just take care of it."

  • The classes have been a touchstone for my daughter, and your generosity and general interest in the girls' well being has shone through. You guys have rewritten the book on being a nurturing environment for the girls; you've gone above and beyond all expectations.

  • I think it gave her a little spring in her step to learn something cool. I like that she was getting stronger and more resilient. She was pushing through even when she was getting tired. She has confidence in some areas of her life but it's nice to see that spread to a physical sphere with better body awareness.



Gemma / MMA

Gemma is an ex-MMA fighter with over 11 years of experience training and competing in the sports of kickboxing, wrestling, and Brazilian jiu jitsu. She achieved a record of 5-1, with 4 wins in the first round by TKO or submission, and is a Pan Am Champion in Brazilian jiu jitsu.

Felicia / Jiu Jitsu

Felicia is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athlete who has earned provincial, national, international and panamerican titles. All while finishing law school. Felicia's positive and encouraging spirit is contagious to everyone around her on and off the mats.

Ashley / Kickboxing

Ashley has been training Muay Thai for 7 years, and has competed in Canada, the United States, and in Thai Land. Outside of the ring, Ashley is a singer, a clothing designer & business owner, and a big sister with the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.

Alex / wrestling

Alex is a 2x national champion and a rising star on the Canadian national team, and an assistant coach to the York varsity wrestling team. Off the mats she is a talented musician.  Alex brings an incredible message about grit, self-belief, and determination to our students and team. 

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