Girls Who Fight provides top quality self-defense workshops to schools and universities throughout Ontario!

What Will We Learn?

We teach basic and effective techniques that are most practical for self-defense, and focus on common positions and situations. 

We also offer training in assertiveness. This includes teaching participants how to speak assertively to stand up for themselves, and how to walk confidently to present a powerful self. These are important preventative measures for self-defense, and helps participants be more assertive and confident in their daily lives. 

Our workshops offer students a unique and invaluable experience where they gain practical skills, while learning how to speak up for themselves and lead a more empowering life. 

Our founder, Gemma Sheehan, also gives talks about her experience through MMA fighting, starting a business, and working with over 3000 girls all over the world to teach them self-defense and assertiveness.

How Many People Can You Teach?

An ideal size for a workshop is 20-40 students, however we can accommodate up to 100 students with the help of our team of instructors.

Who Can Take Part?

Our workshops include all genders and all ages. Everyone is welcome!

How Long is the Workshop?

We have workshops that range from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Some include our talk and exercises on assertiveness, and some include more advanced techniques. 

How Long is the Workshop?

We work with students at lunch time, after school, or in gym class. At lunch time we can run a one hour workshop that includes students from different classes and grades.

Who Do You Work With?

We have worked with several schools in the TDSB, TCDSB, Peel, and York Region. We also work with York University and U of T. We are happy to send along our great testimonials from teachers and students!

We would love to provide your school with an unforgettable and invaluable experience.

To inquire about a workshop for your school, please email us at

Please include information on the location, how many participants you expect to include, how many workshops you would like to run, and any possible dates.

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Scarborough: 6 Roper Road (The Academy)

Davisville: 33 Davisville Ave (Striation 6 Gym)

Markham: 50 Torbay Road (Fight Fit Bootcamps)

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