Our 8 week self defense course teaches women how to defend themselves confidently and effectively from the most common attacks.

Learn Real Techniques

Learn the best self defense techniques from mixed martial arts and feel confident in your ability to defend yourself from real attacks!

Build Reflexes & Muscle Memory

Each class includes live drills that help you develop muscle memory of the techniques to help improve real life reaction timing.

Gain Confidence

Learning self defense is the best investment you can make in your safety and confidence! The incredible feeling of being able to physically fend for yourself is one every woman should know.

women practicing self defense at girls who fight class

DAY 1 & 2

Defense On The Feet

Day 1:

Learn how to use a combat stance, defend being pulled or pushed, move to create distance from an attacker, and block strikes.

Day 2:

Learn how to use punches, push kicks, knees, and elbows to strike effectively.

DAY 3 & 4

Grab Defense

Day 3:

Learn how to defend single and double hand wrist grabs, waist grabs, and bear hugs.

Day 4:

Learn how to defend front neck chokes, choke holds, and hair pulls.

DAY 4 & 5

Ground Defense

Day 5:

Learn how to break fall, stand up properly, and escape the mount position on the ground from an attacker who is punching, pinning the wrists, or choking. 


Day 6:

Learn how to defend strikes from the ground, escape from the guard position, and defend against someone who is dragging you by the hands or legs on the ground.

DAY 7 & 8

Offense & Live Simulations

Day 7:

Learn how to use submissions like arm locks and chokes safely and effectively.

Day 8:

Put your techniques together in simulated scenarios, review the course techniques!

women with boxing gloves on in self defense class

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During COVID we are taking all precautionary measures to ensure our students safety! There is a maximum of 10 students per cohort, intensive cleanings of all mats and equipment before and after each class, and students who join will work with the same partner each week. Students are encouraged to sign up with a friend who they can work with each class, but if you come alone that's fine too! There will be other single women there to pair you up with!

What If I Miss a Class?

No need to worry! You can make up your missed class at any of the following courses, just note the day you missed and try to join us in another group for the same segment!

How Advanced Are The Classes?

This course is meant for complete beginners, however we do learn advanced material as the class progresses. All moves are completely doable for women of all sizes and athletic levels. By the end of the course, you will feel very competent in your ability to physically defend yourself from an attack.

What Martial Arts Are The Moves Based On?

We teach the most effective moves for real life street self defense. These techniques are taken from the sports of Mixed Martial Arts, and can be seen in action by professional fighters who only use the best techniques to win fights—and defend themselves. Most of our program is developed from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a ground based martial art, which is known world wide for its effectiveness in real situations, especially against bigger opponents. We also use kickboxing techniques to teach students how to defend themselves from standing. Our program was developed by MMA fighters and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belts who have over 10 years experience in martial arts and professional fighting.

What About After The Course?

We encourage continuous learning, so we offer 40% off to women who want to take the course a second time. It is always better to get more practice and repitition to improve the techniques and your muscle memory of the defensive moves. We will also have a level 2 course available for spring 2021.

women practicing self defense at girls who fight

Safety & Prevention

Part of learning how to defend yourself is understanding the psychology behind an attack, and what we can to do prevent attacks altogether. We teach students expert principles on how to avoid dangerous situations, be aware of their surroundings, and how to respond in an attack to improve the chances of survival. Please read our free intro on the Three Stages of an Attack before joining class!

"Learning self defense is discovering the confidence you never knew you had."  

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