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 Due to the pandemic, class sizes are extremely small making it a perfect time to start for beginners. Please email us for specific info about each location, or sign up below for one of our classes.

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A cool folder with your curriculum tracker, GWF Code, and GirlSafe Tips.

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Pop up martial arts classes with different instructors where GWF students across Toronto come together to train, make friends, and play fun games. 

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Class sizes are capped to maintain social distancing between pairs. There is a 10 student maximum in each class. Girls train with the same partner each week, and only have physical contact with this partner. Mats and equipment are thoroughly cleaned before and after each class. Students exit the gym one at a time to maintain distance. We are taking all possible measures to ensure that students can have a safe and effective training experience!

What If I Miss a Class?

Each membership comes with one class a week. If you have to miss a class, you are welcome to participate at a different location within that month. Members have one month to use their missed class at a different location. In terms of missing content, you will be able to catch up the next week in the review session, don't worry about being 'behind'! **there are no make up classes during COVID to maintain safety.

Is There a Uniform, What Do We Wear?

Every membership purchase comes with a free T-shirt which is made for training. However, you do not have to wear your t-shirt—as long as you wear athletic clothing that you are comfortable moving in. We also sell sweaters and other apparel items. Heres what NOT to wear: -baggy clothes (will easily get fingers and toes caught) -jewelry -socks or shoes -long nails *Covid has stalled our apparel production- t-shirts will be given out as soon as we can get them.

Do You Have a Referral Program?

Yes! Bring in three friends to do a free trial and win a super awesome training highlight video for your daughter! Showiung off their kickboxing, grappling, and fighting skills- it's sure to make them proud and raise their confidence. To let us know about your friends who have signed up or done a free trial, please email us noting their names!

we're expanding locations!

We are adding more neighbourhoods starting January 2021. Please leave your info if you are interested in any of the following locations!

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