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Our energetic coaches, high paced learning, and activity filled classes make online learning fun. Our online classes for girls, women, and families are composed of 20 minutes of a high intensity cardio and conditioning workout, followed by 20 minutes of technical martial arts training. In every class the whole team sweats, laughs, learns something new, and leaves the lesson feeling revitalized. Our 40 minute lessons pass by in a flash, keeping the students attention while incentivizing them to give their absolute best effort and focus during the training time.

What You Need

A small open space, water, and a mat or some padding for the floor is preferred. 

Who Can Participate?

Our classes are open to all women, kids, and families. The majority of the participants are teens and girls who join alone, but we have a few mother daughter teams, and a few sibling teams that join as well!


1x per week: $55/mo

2x per week: $95/mo

virtual self defense class for girls

Bring high energy workouts, technical self defense training, and invaluable street safety lessons to your home this march break!

March Break Camp: Virtual Ninjas

What You Need

1) An open space to work out at home

2) A yoga mat, puzzle mat, or carpet for some padding

3) Pen / pencil

4) A plastic cup

5) An empty plastic water bottle with screw on cap

6) One pool noodle & scissors

Safety Workbook

All students receive a workbook PDF where they write notes on each day's safety lesson.

Ninja Jeopardy

On day one, students will be organized into 4 teams. At the end of each class, teams get to answer quiz questions about what they learned to earn team points. The team at the end of the week with the most points wins!


A partner is not required, but is recommended for a portion of the martial arts training session. Parents and siblings are allowed to join for free for the entire class or just the martial arts training. If parents or siblings cannot join, students are allowed to bring one friend to participate with them for free!

Age Group

This camp is for girls age 7-18. As stated above, family members of all ages are allowed to join in on the fun!

Daily Camp Schedule

1:00-1:25 PM- Workout including high intensity interval training, cardio, conditioning, and stretching.


1:25-2:05 PM- Martial Arts & Self Defense training including boxing, kickboxing, and jiu jitsu. Fun ninja challenges are held daily!


2:05-2:30 PM- GirlSafe lessons including situational awareness, street & online safety, and confidence and assertiveness. We play a daily Ninja Jeopardy game to quiz students on lessons learnt.

Camp Objectives

1) Teach students the most important self defense techniques that are practical for real life.


2) Give students a rigorous and fun daily workout that improves their fitness, cardio, and strength.


3) Teach students the most important safety information necessary to prevent being targeted, stay safe on the street & online, and respond to a threat or bully confidently.


Self Defense Lesson:


-Stance & footwork drills

-Push/ Pull base & resistance

-Basic punches: Jab, Cross, Hook

-Elbows (three variations)


GirlSafe Lesson: 3 Stages of an attack.


-The 3 most important self defense and prevention rules. Learn this here.

Ninja Challenge:


Simon Says Stance Game: last one in the game wins!


Self Defense Lesson:


-Mount Escapes from being pinned, punched,

or choked on the ground.


GirlSafe Lesson: Confidence & Assertiveness


- How to present yourself confidently, and stand up

for yourself assertively.

Ninja Challenge: 

Plastic cup challenge- how long can you hold up a plastic cup with your side kick?


Self Defense Lesson:


-Strike defense to the head (parrys & blocks)

-Strike defense to the body (body blocks)

-Defense drills with partner and pool noodles


GirlSafe Lesson: Situational Awareness


-5 principal rules on how to be aware of your surroundings

Ninja Challenge:


Turn pool noodles into pads to practice punches and defense!


Self Defense Lesson:


-Wrist escapes (single & double hand grabs)

-Front choke defenses (3 variations)


GirlSafe Lesson: Internet Safety


- The 5 principal rules for staying safe online.

Ninja Challenge:

Test your bottle cap & plastic cup kick again.


Self Defense Lesson:


- Push kicks and knees

- Break Fall & Technical Stand Up


GirlSafe Lesson: Street Safety


-The 5 principal rules for how to stay safe in public.

Ninja Challenge:


Bottle cap challenge- learn to kick the cap off a water bottle!

Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 5:20 - 6 pm


You CAN gain real skills and have a great time learning self defense online. Please reach out to us if you have any questions!

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