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motivational speaking

Gemma Sheehan shares her story through motivational talks. She describes how she was able to walk away from the sport she dedicated her life to, and with no business experience, build a profitable company and an impactful program that is more rewarding to her than fighting ever was. Gemma has spoken in front of hundreds of people at various events like Innovation Day.


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"For almost 10 years I have hosted an invite-only conference for clients, and I can say without hesitation that Gemma was one of the most engaging speakers we’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to.  She was funny, candid, inspiring and heartfelt.  Her story is both unique and universal, and my audience of business and marketing leaders were truly moved. Gemma is interesting, and inspiring."

-Neil Follett, President of Brightworks.

corporate workshops

Girls Who Fight provides self-defense and assertiveness workshops for organizations all around the world. Our workshops offer employees a unique and invaluable experience where they gain practical skills, while learning how to speak up for themselves and lead a more empowering life. Some of our clients include SEIU Healthcare, Big Brothers Big Sisters, TD, York University, University of Toronto, and the Girl Guides of Ontario. 

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"Gemma and Danika are awesome! They did a corporate lunch and learn at TD and the audience was very engaged. I leaned useful knowledge and Gemma's story was very inspiring. Highly recommend it!"

-Xemina, TD.

girl guide workshops

*or similar girl groups

Gemma leads self defense and empowerment workshops for Girl Guides, Brownies, and Sparks! Girls learn how to keep a strong stance and create distance in energetic drills and games. They learn how to escape a wrist grab, and how to defend basic strikes. With positive energy and a fun spirit, Gemma encourages girls to be strong in their voice and body language throughout the class. We've lead over 15 workshops in the GTA. Feel free to ask for references from units we have worked with.

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"Gemma is amazing! She came to our Girl Guides meeting  and taught our girls some self defense moves. They listened to her really well and had fun trying out the techniques on each other. She talked to them like they were adults, and more than capable of doing what she was showing them, which was really great. Our girls have been talking about bullying more than usual this year, so I think this will help them, and I am sure she has inspired a couple of them to check out the classes and camps she offers. Highly recommend!!"

-Caitlin, 173rd Mississauga Guides

brand partnerships

Girls Who Fight is a community based organization that was founded by female MMA fighter Gemma Sheehan. We aim to build a community of girls who know that they can take on the world. If your brand aligns with our mission of female empowerment, body positivity, community, entrepreneurship, or women in sports, we would love to discuss how we can collaborate.

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Girls Who Fight provides self-defense and assertiveness workshops for schools. Our program teaches students basic and effective self-defense techniques from common positions and scenarios, lead by experienced martial artists. We also teach students how to speak assertively and present themselves confidently. These are important preventative measures for self-defense, which also help participants become more assertive and confident in their daily lives.

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"Gemma is very professional and connected with even the most hesitant students during our 8-session high school program.  It was exciting to see students gain skills and confidence under her guidance and want to continue training.  She was also able to manage a diverse, co-ed setting. Gemma's weekly class quickly became something to look forward to.  I highly recommend Girls Who Fight!" 

-Sally Bliss, Teacher, Greenwood Secondary School

Gemma Sheehan

Founder/Head Coach/Speaker

Gemma started training in the sports of mixed martial arts at age 14. Determined to achieve UFC stardom, she dedicated her life to training and competing in MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu throughout high school and university. In her last active year of fighting in 2016, she achieved a record of 5-1. She was ranked the best female MMA fighter in Ontario, nominated for best up and coming female fighter worldwide, and earned a gold medal at the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Pan Ams. In 2017 doctors revealed that Gemma had acquired visible brain damage, called white matter. They said that even if she wanted to continue in MMA, the UFC might not sanction her to fight. Gemma decided to step down from fighting. Beyond learning how to protect herself, Gemma saw that her martial arts training gave her an unshakeable conviction in her ability to accomplish her goals, a grounded sense of confidence that she applies to everything she does. She couldn't find any organizations that were offering quality programs for girls martial arts and self defense, so she started Girls Who Fight Inc. Two years later the company has classes and camps in three GTA locations, and has taught over 3000 women and girls in Canada and abroad. Gemma has grown her team to 7 powerful women, including three extremely talented coaches who are just as passionate about the GWF mission. Gemma gives talks about her journey through sport, injury, entrepreneurship, and what she calls real women's empowerment. Gemma now spends her time leading workshops, coaching her adored students, and running the business.

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